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Taurus Saws and Titan Info
You can use coolant with the Taurus 3 and it will help cutting and will not harm any of the
materials in the saw. We find however that many persons can sit for hours cutting on saws as
time passes quickly while doing so. Prolonged exposure to air born cutting fluid means be sure
to choose a safe one. You do not have to use coolant with your saw, water works just fine. A
teaspoon of vinegar will help where hard water is prevalent. A couple of drops (two!) of dish
washing liquid to your saw's water and running it is a great way to clean it, but be prepared for
lots of suds and rinse it
thoroughly! In the past we have suggested using ice while cutting as
this speeds up the cut! Everyone then thought that you had to use ice with it or not at all and
we never meant for this understanding to occur. What works better is the ice packs you get for
coolers as it does not move around and make contact with the belt. Keep in mind that to the
saw luke warm water is cold so for those of you in cold studios go ahead and use warm, (not
hot), water your hands will love you.

*Use all blades with eye protection. If you life the eye shield up for more clarity then be sure to
wear safety goggles or at lease glasses of some type.

*Newer Taurus 3 saws come with a stabilizer which we highly suggest you put on as this
greatly cuts down on grommet wear and also adds stability to the blade increasing your
accuracy. Use it in the highest position as it will not interfere with visibility. If you lost it and
don't have one you can order it.
Stabilizer Foot - (Part# 1034)

*We have made an improvement on Taurus 3's with part numbers starting with 81000 and
above. We always try to make any improvements available to all previous saw owners and this
is no exception. The change is in the blue pulleys #1 and #5 in your service manuals or as
seen on our
Tech Support page. We found that by increasing the flange size of these wheels
the drive belt is trapped and can't come off the pulley. What this does which we never knew
before is that it traps the blade so that it cannot wander causing a new level of cutting stability
and much longer grommet life. Add the stabilizer and you have made your saw a tour de force.
If you have an older Taurus and want the two new blue pulleys, order part# 1067.

Thank you for choosing Gemini Saw Company, Inc. and allowing us the pleasure of helping to
unleash your imaginations.

Jesse Cogswell
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