Taurus II.2 Accessory Kit

This kit is equipped with helpful
tools for completing any project
from cutting straight lines to
perfect circles and precise angles.
This kit can be purchased from
your local stained glass supplier.
LED Light

Powered by 3 AA batteries (not
included). Attaches to the back of your
saw with velcro (included). Great for
adding light and removing shadow
from the work area.
The Straight Edge

This tool gives the ability to cut straight
lines, which would ordinarily be very
difficult with your ring saw. Fits
anywhere on the saw's work surface.
Hole Reducers

These fit inside the hole of the work
surface to keep small pieces of
material from falling into the saw
and jamming the rotating assembly
which could lead to rapid wear,
failure and even blade breakage.
Note: These hole reducers only work for
the Taurus II models.
Circle Maker

This item works on any location of
the work surface and helps to
create perfect circles.
45 Degree Cutoff Triangle

Works in unison with the straight edge to
cut a 45 degree angle.
30/60 Degree Cutoff Triangle

Works in unison with the straight edge
to cut a 30 or 60 degree angle.
Face Shield

This piece attaches to the front of the
saw and keeps flying debris and water
away from your eyes.
Taurus II.2  Ring Saw Accessory
Instructional Video
Bevel Edge Maker

This works in unison with the straight
edge to make perfect 45 degree
beveled edges.
Taurus II.2 Accessory Kit
Lamp Wedge

Use the lamp wedge to put a 30 degree
bevel on the edge of a finished piece. This
will allow the pieces to fit together more
tightly, allowing for a smaller, stronger
solder joint.
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