The Super Slicer

The Super Slicer is a device that
gives you the ability to make
repetitive, perfectly parallel, ultra
thin cuts in any material that will
clear the throat height of the saw,
which is 1 1/2" on the Taurus 3
and 1" on the Taurus II.2. The
Super Slicer can be adapted for
use on other saws such as band
saws as long as the blade will
pass through the ribs.

Examples where the Super Slicer
can be useful are when cutting:
  • Pattern Bars
  • Streamers
  • Milfiori
  • Virtually any other material that
    requires repetitive cutting.

The Super Slicer has the ability
to cut slices as thin as 1/16".

Material is attached to this piece in order
to be perfectly sliced.

Attaches to the work surface to provide
a runway for the Ram. Also provided
with the base are two removable pins
that, when removed, the base can be
used on any work surface without a
Double Sided Tape Strips

Used to attach material to the Ram.
Rubber Bands

Color coded for size and can also be
used in addition to the Double Sided
Tape Strips to attach material to the
Ram for added stability.
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