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The New Apollo Ring Saw

Featuring Removeable Blade Cartridges

apollo ring saw

Following in the steps of our Revolution XT, Taurus 3, and others, the New Apollo Ring Saw is three saws in one.


The Apollo:

  • Can cut tile up to 16in diagonally.
  • Slices materials over 3 inches thick with precision.
  • Delivers 10 times the torque of standard tile saws.




Blade changes are easily performed with the introduction of our revolutionary removeable blade cartridges.

The Wire Ring Cartridge firmly houses a standard Taurus 3 Ring Blade with maximum exposure, allowing it to be driven faster and harder than ever before.

The Apollo Ring Saw incorporates many new capabilities most of which have come from listening to you, our customers.

Blade Cartridges for the Apollo Ring Saw

wire ring blade sintered cartridge

Blade Cartridges Sold Separately.

Apollo Ring Saw Specifications

  • Horsepower: 1/3
  • Voltage: 110 or 220V
  • Weight: 32lbs
  • Saw Dimensions: (H x W x D) 11 x 20 x 21 in.
  • Includes Slide Tray, Magnetic Angles, and Mounting Hardware
  • Blade Cartridges: (sold separately)
    • Sintered Ring Blade Cartridge
    • Solid Ring Blade Cartridge
    • Wire Ring Blade Cartridge









Apollo Ring Blade Cartridges

Quick and Easy Blade Removal and Installation

sintered blade cartridge
For Precision Cutting and Gentle Curves

Sintered Blade Cartridge

Two different blades available for this cartridge:

1) Double Sided Standard Blade for stone, marble, granite, and thick glass (only).
This blade is only good for Thick glass and other thick materials. (For thin glass, see #2 below.)

2) Double Sided Fine Blade for glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass tile and any type of glass.


Both the Standard and the Fine Blade feature a double-sided Sintered Diamond Blade.

6 in solid ring blade cartridge
For Aggressive Straight Cuts in all Materials

6 inch Rigid Ring Blade Cartridge

Two Different Blades are available for use with this Cartridge:

1) 6" Standard Rigid Blade for stone, marble, granite, and thick glass (only).
This blade is only good for Thick glass. 80 grit. sintered diamond blade.

2) 6" Rigid Fine Blade for glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass tile and any glass.
150 grit. Sintered diamond blade.


Features a Single-Sided, Sintered Diamond Blade,
Perfect for Aggressive Straight Cuts.


wired blade
Electroplated for Extreme Detail and Omnidirectional Cutting

Wired Blade Cartridge

This Cartridge uses the following Taurus 3 Blades:
1. Standard Blade
2. Slim Blade
3. Dichroic Blade

The Taurus 3 Blades will only work with the Apollo Ring Saw if used in this Wired Blade Cartridge.

Ideal for cutting glass, ceramic tile, and dichroic glass.
Also, Great for Cutting Inticate Curves.


Apollo Ring Saw Accessories

New! Polishing Station

An Attachment that turns the Apollo Ring Saw into a Polishing Station.     View the Brochure

Now you can grind and polish — at a fraction of the cost of using dedicated machines!

The new Grinding/Polishing cartridge for the Apollo Ring Saw expands the capabilities of the saw, allowing the user to bevel, grind, and polish glass, stone, jewelry, and more.

The quick-change Grinding/Polishing cartridge sets-up easily on the Apollo Ring Saw. The grinding and polishing disc rotates vertically, allowing the user to easily obtain precise 90-degree edges.

The cartridge sports an independent, gravity-fed water system for cooling and lubrication; the water is dispersed through the center of the discs for clean, optimum performance.

A variety of Diamond Grinding Discs and Polishing Pads are included.

The package includes:

One each 100- and 260-grit grinding discs

Two 325-grit grinding pads (as the first 335-grit pad wears down, it can then be used as a 500-grit pad for even better results)

One felt polishing pad

One container of Cerium Oxide polishing compound

polishing station for the apollo ring saw


The Polishing Station Comes with the following:

  • Splash Cover
  • Water feeding system
  • Complete polishing cartridge
  • Two Brown pads
  • One 100 grit pad,
  • One 260 grit pad
  • 1 polishing pad
  • 1/2 lb. of cirium.


using the polishing station 




Apollo Wear Parts

orange grommet


Part # 1062
Orange Grommet Assembly



hole plug


Part # 0711
Hole Plug



green grommet


Part # 1120
Green Grommet



clear grommet


Part # 1072
Clear Grommet Assembly






Download the Apollo Ring Saw Instruction Manual


Apollo Instruction Manual


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